It’s easy enough to kick start a production house , but it takes a whole lot of grit and determination to turn potential into a company we know as RUfilms.

Founded by Ravi and Kalpana in 1998, Rufilms was instituted with a straightforward philosophy – create simple yet visually stunning communication. And it’s a vision that’s served them well.

With over 150 commercials, music videos and short films, to its credit, RUfilms, has established itself as a premier production house in India. What’s more, with its experience in shooting in India and abroad, RUfilms is also one of the few Indian production companies to offer the expertise required to film in Indian and international locations. However, production support is not its only forte, RUfilms has on offer the services of a range of the very talented directors.

With time RUfilms hasn’t just grown in size, but in stature as well. 

With their work being recognised at various International and Indian advertising Awards, RUfilms, has made its mark in the industry,

But, in spite of their success, this band of storytellers, dreamers and visionaries, are driven by one goal.  A vision that was set out in the beginning by Ravi and Kalpana - to seek out the right direction, to do away with the mundane and boring, and to create in its place simple, elegant and visual masterpieces.   

Recent Work

L'Oréal Excellence - Legends Collection


L’oreal - Blossom


ASIAN PAINTS : Royale Play


Philips Hue


Behind the scenes

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